Thursday, February 12, 2015

Educator + Mom

Having a child of your own puts lots of things into perspective. As an educator, I was not sure how much more I had to think about and how my perspective would radically change after becoming a parent. It is almost a year later and the questioning in my head about education continues, growing exponentially on a weekly basis. One of my biggest ponderings lately is whether or not I believe in the public school education system that is being set forth today. Are the current mandates the kind of teaching and learning that I want my own child to experience? Every time I ask, I get the same answer: no. 

What do I want for my child? I want her to be able to think--to think outside of what is being considered the acceptable norm or target for education. I recently took the time to actually write a letter to the president and a few congressional representatives to share my thoughts. In it, I said, "When I think about my own daughter’s education, I envision it being one where she learns to discover the way David Edwards describes in an opinion piece that I read on called, 'American Schools are Training Kids for a World that Doesn’t Exist.' Do I want her to be able to pass tests? Sure. More importantly, I want her and other children to be able to think, discover, and innovate!" 

That's where I am in my thinking about education right now. I really want to see transformation happen in education, but not just for the sake transformation. I have an overwhelming urge to speak up and to try to affect change in education on a larger scale, letting others hear more voices that are coming from the teachers and those of us who work with teachers and students. On the flip side, I also feel torn and exhausted by everything I have experienced thus far. I do not want to be just another educator's voice of complaint. I want to take action and have to find the avenue that will get me there. 

I would love to hear from anyone else who has similar feelings or someone with ideas for solutions. Feel free to comment below.  


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